Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PAWS of Coronado and Helen Woodward Animal Center: A Furry Love Affair

Three years ago, we adopted this love muffin from the Helen Woodward Animal Center. We named him Starbuck--he always seems caffeinated--and he's straight from heaven. Look. He's smiling at you.

Starbuck Has Big Time Energy!
(Awesomely amateur iPhone photo credit: Carrie Keyes)
Flash forward to present day. About a week ago, PAWS of Coronado posted this little guy up for adoption on eCoronado.

Bruce Needs a Home, and Blogger is a Sucker
(Photo credit: PAWS of Coronado)
Holy fur ball. I fell in love with Bruce, a Chihuahua with a long torso like a Dachshund (a Chi-weenie dog?). I took Starbuck to meet Bruce, and they really hit it off. Now, I'm happy to report Bruce is officially a member of our family. The kids love playing with both dogs, and by doing so they are learning important life lessons about responsibility and compassion.

This is where the blog post becomes Rated R. Cue sultry music, doggone it!

We have a furry romance going on at the paradise cottage. Bruce waits until Starbuck falls asleep, then he wiggles himself between Starbuck's paws. Do you think, based on this photo, PAWS of Coronado and Helen Woodward Animal Center helped us facilitate a furry love affair? 
Spooning Canines
(Awesomely amateur iPhone photo credit: Carrie Keyes)
We were very impressed with both PAWS of Coronado and Helen Woodward Animal Center. I'm partial to PAWS because they didn't rush a decision. While their selection is admittedly much smaller than the expansive Helen Woodward center, PAWS has a boutique feel, a sparkling facility, their staff is friendly, and they know the personalities of all of their animals.

Now, who wants to be my pooper scooper?

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* There's a pet on my lap! (P.U.! Wittle doggie tinks! He need a baff!)

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Carrie! We will miss Bruce at PAWS but I am so happy he found a forever home. LOVE the picture of Bruce and Starbucks cuddling.