Friday, April 8, 2011

The Measure of the Wind: a Quiet Moment in Paradise

It's easy to allow simple graces to go unnoticed while stuffing backpacks, weaving in traffic mazes, and shuffling paperwork. Does your weekly "to do" list include a quiet moment? Mine does. I'd like to share my solitude with you. C'mon, friends.

Let's measure wind, an invisible force wherein all estimates of it are inferred from some other source: a waving flag; its brush against your cheek; the patterns of clouds; and the color of water. Sailors here in paradise understand the wind, respecting it as they slide out of the Coronado Yacht Club and across Glorietta Bay.

I snapped this photo of the wind's rippling affect on the sand dunes in the early morning hours on Coronado Beach. I love the way the sea breeze nudges the sand into miniature swells. Behind it, a lone beachcomber walks the shore and Mexico rises out of the Pacific.
Wind on Sand, Coronado Beach
(Awesomely amateur photo credit: Carrie Keyes)
 It's difficult to measure what we cannot see. Look closely, friends, and you will find the evidence. Have a good weekend. I hope you enjoyed your quiet moment.

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