Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping Local in Coronado

As many of you already know, I cover arts related news and reviews for AOL owned Coronado Patch. Now, I'm collaborating with Patch to support local business. Patch has asked me to canvass the neighborhood in search of the hottest new merchandise, services, and more. Therefore, I'm starting a brief tri-weekly "shop local" column concept called Patch Picks, intended to promote Coronado's eclectic businesses. This gig provides me a fabulous excuse to swipe my smoking hot credit card around town. I'm spending more that I'm earning writing the articles, but it's so fun.

This week, a new twist on snail mail at Fuzziwigs, a healthy chip that's poppin' up at Boney's, and a bright idea for sunscreen at our local Rite-Aid.

Break out the greenbacks!

Coronado Patch

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